Hedgey Pricing

Token Vesting

Token Vesting, lockups,

and all products


Full Product Access

Dashboards to manage

Dashboard for your team

Whiteglove onboarding

Customizable cliffs, unlock schedules, voting rights, post-vesting lockups and more.

We've worked with the best orgs and most complex needs to create maximum functionality and a no-code solutions for creating your vesting the exact way you need.

Flexible to fit orgs at any size.

For larger orgs that require more hands on service and dedicated instances of the Hedgey contracts and UIs, we provide white glove service to create the vesting plan environment that fits your needs.

Hedgey. X

Whether you want to add one or 50 recipients, we make it easy to upload and execute onchain vesting in minutes. No wasting time on siloed contracts for each recipient and easy to migrate from existing solutions.

Create secure, onchain vesting in minutes

Fully-loaded dashboards to track, manage, and interact with your plans.

See your entire orgs vesting plans at a glance, manage new and existing schedules with ease, and let your team interact with their individual vesting plans on a platform they will love.