Options Built
For DeFi

Self Made Markets For Any Token, On Any Network.

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Treasury Management

Convert native tokens to currency without spot trading on markets using call options

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Buy Calls

Access every Hedgey call options to get 100x leverage without liquidation on your favorite projects

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Trade Options

Full access to all of Hedgey's options liquidity through our pro-trader interface

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$109,530 Notional Volume Traded
485 Trades
$13,385 Premiums Generated

Finance Beyond Spot Trading

From DAOs to token traders, the Hedgey Protocol is a new way for anyone to leverage unused assets through self-made options markets.

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For DAOs & Teams

Stable treasuries are fundamental to any organization. Hedgey lets native token teams build stable treasuries by selling calls.

Treasury Management
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For Moonshot Degens

Hedgey gives increased exposure and leverage on the upside of any token. 100x Leverage without liquidation.

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For Options Traders

Hedgey offers decentralized P2P American Style Fully Collaterized Calls and Puts on any token on 6+ networks.

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Self-Made Options Markets on any Token

The Hedgey Protocol is a permissionless rail protocol for launching options markets.

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Non-custodial smart contracts to buy/swap options and create new markets


Build on the Hedgey Protocol

Hedgey Protocol is the rails for building options markets on DeFi with open source code, SDKs and developer documentation.

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Open Source UI

Build and host customizable interfaces on the Hedgey options protocol.

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Build and integrate unique products utilizing the Hedgey Protocol and its liquidity.

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Build on Hedgey Protocol. Review protocol documentation, fully open source code, and an upcoming SDK.

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