Hedgey token lockups overview
(for custodians)

Hedgey token lockups overview
(for custodians)

Hedgey token lockups overview
(for custodians)

Resources, documentation, and support for custodians who interact with tokens locked on Hedgey's smart contracts.

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Resources, documentation, and support for custodians who interact with tokens locked on Hedgey's smart contracts.

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Resources, documentation, and support for custodians who interact with tokens locked on Hedgey's smart contracts.

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As used by

David Holden


Protocol Labs

Hedgey is already lightyears ahead of older lockup systems and when you combine it with the investor dashboard we use to track and manage our unlocks, nothing else comes close.

Paige Xu


OKX Ventures

Hedgey enabled us to participate in a DAO treasury diversification round in a frictionless, innovative and safety-first manner. We were able to participate in DAO governance because of the innovative technology stack that Hedgey offers. No other tooling in the market is like Hedgey!

How our escrow contracts work:

Step 1: VCs, foundations, or startups send tokens to Hedgey escrow contracts with a custom unlock schedule.

Step 2: The escrow contract mints a unique NFT to the designated wallet. This NFT represents ownership rights to the locked tokens.

Step 3: The wallet that holds the NFT is able to claim tokens in accordance to the unlock schedule via the Hedgey escrow contracts.

How lockups are created and managed.

  1. Users go to app.hedgey.finance and connect their wallet.

  2. They interact with our audited smart contracts through the platform UI.

  3. Once they have created a token lockup, they can see it on the Hedgey UI.

  4. If a custodian holds the locked-token position NFT they can track the unlock, transfer the position to another wallet, and claim unlocked tokens.

What our users want from their custodians.

Our users want to send these locked token positions (represented by an NFT) to their custodians to secure the assets and have the custodian claim unlocked tokens on their behalf.

Our token infrastructure is secure, onchain, and 100% free.

We launched Hedgey as a public good to help bring teams onchain with incredible token infrastructure. We are audited, battle-tested, and building tools to help teams meet the demand for transparent onchain token lockups while prioritizing compatibility with their custodians.

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What is Hedgey?

Hedgey is a free onchain token vesting and investor lockup platform that projects use to distribute tokens to their team and investors with feature-complete dashboards for both issuers and recipients. Our mission is to democratize access to these essential tools for companies that want to move onchain, regardless of their size or stage of development.

Who is Hedgey for?

Hedgey is for pretoken projects preparing to launch and distribute tokens to their team, investors, and community, as well as live token projects looking to streamline their existing token vesting and lockup system.

Do you support custom vesting and unlock schedules?

Hedgey's contracts allow for totally customizable schedules across all products. Additionally, users can add cliff dates, post vesting lockups, transferability, voting rights, and other core features specific to each product.

What wallets and custodians are compatible with Hedgey?

Hedgey is compatible with standard metamask, wallet connect, and Safe multisig wallets with additional wallet integrations added as needed. We are currently working with multiple custodian solutions to streamline interactions with locked tokens on Hedgey. If you use a custodian please reach out directly for more information on specific custodian compatibility.

How much does it cost to use Hedgey?

Hedgey's onchain tools and platform for token vesting and lockups are 100% free to use. No catch. For teams wanting to use our pretoken product and investor portfolio management products the starting price is $150 a month (with completely free access for everyone through July 2024.)

Are Hedgey contracts audited.

Yes. Our token vesting and lockup contracts are audited by Consensys Diligence. Hedgey has completed 5+ audits to date with leading auditing firms.

Does Hedgey take custody of tokens?

No. Hedgey does not take custody of your tokens. Hedgey is a non-custodial solution that does not take custody of your assets. Locked and vesting tokens are held in audited escrow contracts.

What networks do you support?

We support most Ethereum and most EVMs such as Arbitrum, Optimism, Gnosis, Evmos, Polygon, Avalanche, Celo, OKXChain, Boba, Fantom, etc. Reach out to us on twitter if you need support for your network.

How do I get started using Hedgey?

Hedgey's onchain products are completely self-service. You can open the Hedgey app, connect your wallet and use the products freely. If you'd like support, reach out to us on telegram at @hedgeysupport to speak with someone 24/7 or book directly with our cofounder at https://calendly.com/lindseywinder/15min

Customizable cliffs, unlock schedules, voting rights, and more.

We've worked with the best teams and venture funds to fit the most complex needs. Whether it's the unlock schedule, voting and delegation, and internal token management structures, we have a solution.

Custom dashboards for you and your investors

Give you and your investors a dashboard everyone will love. Easily view, track, and interact with complete vesting plans in one place.

Let's build something incredible.

Let's build something incredible.

Create secure, onchain investor lockups in minutes

Whether you want to add one or 50 investors, we make it easy to upload and execute onchain lockups with custom unlock schedules in minutes. No wasting time on siloed contracts for each investor or messy spreadsheet tracking.