Unused Assets

Hedgey enables DAOs and Token Teams to generate stable coins, diversify treasuries, and structure large native token sales responsibly.

54 Project Token Markets
$13,385 Revenue Generated
25% Average Upfront APY
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Treasury Management for DeFi

Hedgey lets teams convert native tokens to build a more stable treasury by selling call options on the Hedgey Protocol.

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Sell Tokens Without Dumping The Market

Call Options let teams sell tokens at 100x the volume of spot trading and above market prices. Communities see it as transparent and bullish.

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Power Of Options Without The Jargon

Token teams aren't options traders. At Hedgey we take the power of call options and put it in a simple product that lets you generate capital.

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The Most Flexible Product For Teams On Day One

Hedgey lets you sell options of any size at any value on any date on any token. It's the tool teams need to build real diversified treasuries.

Build Your Market In <5 Min.

Trusted By Real Teams

From DAOs to token traders, Hedgey is a new way for anyone to leverage unused assets.

33 Self Made Markets
608 Trades
$100k Total Volume
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Simple Products Built For Treasuries

Treasuries aren’t options traders. That’s why we put the power of options in a simple interface designed for you.

  • Self-made markets for any token on any network
  • Gnosis Safeapp compatible
  • Multisig wallet compatible
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Getting Started

We've put together the foundations of treasury management.


The Fundamentals

Approach treasury management like a pro through best practices, tools and benchmarking.

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Create Your
Own Plan

Achieve goals of budgeting, liquidity planning and maximize your balance sheets.

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Launch Your First Orders On Hedgey

Explore use cases and get started with everything you need to launch your first orders on Hedgey.

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